Gift Ideas That Would Make Any Rock Music Fan’s Day

Do you have a family member or friend who’s a die-hard fan of rock music? Rock music fanatics can be found in most countries all over the world and the great news is that there are many awesome gifts inspired by rock music that are ideal to give to rock music aficionados. From simple items like personalized apparel to remarkable presents like free Pink Floyd tour tickets now; it can truly be rewarding to give a gift that would mean a lot to the receiver. Here are some gift ideas for rock music fans that you can give for just about any special occasion:

Indoor games rock bands version – Look for board games or other types of indoor games that are inspired by rock bands, like the special Monopoly Metallica collector’s edition. Wrap up these really cool items and bring some food and drinks when you give it to your rocker friend so you can go ahead and start a game night to remember.

Concert tour tickets – If you’re feeling generous why not check out the current tour schedules of your family member or friend’s favourite rock band and get him or her free ticket? Say for instance your friend is a fan of Pink Floyd, you may want to go online and see the Pink Floyd tour dates so you’ll know which Pink Floyd tour ticket to buy him or her.  This is an experience your family member or friend will never forget. You’ll definitely be glad you made an effort to get this gift.

Special edition rock star Halloween costumes – Go online or visit special costume shops and see if you can get your family member or friend a Halloween costume that’s inspired by the signature attire of his or her favourite rock artist. Just imagine how unforgettable the celebration of the next Halloween would be for him or her! Make sure to get the complete ensemble.

Sports items rock stars edition – You may also look for limited edition sports or outdoor items that are inspired by rock bands or artists, like Linkin Park snowboard. Some of the items you may choose from are sports bottles, sports gears, sports apparel, and sports equipment.

Books about rock biographies – If you don’t have enough money to buy Pink Floyd tour tickets, you can order a special edition book about Pink Floyd which will also be appreciated by your rock band friend or family member. Biographies of rock music and rock bands are items that rock band fanatics don’t usually think about buying first so you’re actually doing them a favor. Check out http://www.pinkfloydexperience.co.nz/tour-dates/

High quality speakers or headphones – Help your family member or friend enjoy listening to rock band songs by giving them excellent quality speakers or headphones which they can use for a long time.

Think you can now manage to buy a great gift for your rocker friend? For information on where to get top of the line gifts, like the best Pink Floyd tour tickets, go online for options. Be careful in buying inexpensive concert tickets, like too cheap Pink Floyd tour tickets because you may be getting them from scalpers. For starters, visit The Pink Floyd Experience for details of their current tours.

Guiding You to an Unforgettable Birthday Party

Amusement Ride Hire in MelbourneChildren’s birthdays are very important day for both the parents and children. On this day, the parents get to commemorate the day their gem was placed in their arms and for the child, it is usually a day to celebrate life, spend time with friends and get showered with gifts and affection. The child also gets to have fun with friends and family members. On such a day, it is important that the parents go out of their way to make the child feel special. One way to do this can be having a theme party with an amusement ride for all the children at the party to enjoy. In the wider Melbourne area, this can be made possible by contacting a company that deals in amusement ride hire in Melbourne. This highlight can make your child feel special and have everyone in the neighborhood speaking about the amazing party you had. Before thinking of the amusement rides for your party, it is important to know what guidelines you should follow to ensure that the party is a huge success.

1.       Plan the party well in advance: Planning a great party takes time since it requires lots of attention to detail. It is advisable that you start planning six weeks in advance in order to capture everything that you will need for the party. Planning well in advance will enable you to think of companies which deal in amusement ride hire in Melbourne. These mostly require you to book their equipment well in advance as many children’s parties hire them all year round.

2.       Involve your child: Let’s face it, the party is being held in honor of the child therefore, it would make a lot of sense to involve him/her in the initial planning stages to find out what themes they like, what games they would like to be played and the kind of entertainment options they would prefer. This will come in handy in throwing a party that the birthday child will enjoy.

3.       Have a budget: Budgeting is important since it enables you to plan for the amount of food, snacks and entertainment that you will provide on the material day. A handy way to make a budget would be to estimate the number of people that you will host on the day and have a certain amount set aside for each.

4.       Have an agenda for the party: Children get bored really fast and can start leaving as soon as possible if they are not occupied enough. Having an agenda helps you limit the time spent on every activity during the party. It also enables the party to go on for a stipulated amount of time minimizing boredom. The children also make the most out of the party and form better relationships with each other.

5.       Choose a suitable location:  Your party theme and budget will determine where you will hold your child’s birthday party. If you have budgeted to contact a company that deals with amusement ride hire in Melbourne, then it is likely that you will need more space so that the children enjoy it to the maximum.

A great party is not out of reach, in fact, an amusement ride will definitely make it a tad more memorable!

Lightspace of Brisbane, giving you an unforgettable wedding experience

With the wedding season in full swing many couples are looking for ideal places to host their wedding ceremonies and receptions. This can be a nerve wracking situation given that a couple wants the wedding to be an occasion they will cherish forever. Many people have their weddings and receptions in different places. This really hurts their pockets. However, there is a solution to all that. Welcome to Lightspace Wedding Venue Brisbane!


This is your perfect wedding venue as everything that pertains your wedding can be done all under one roof. This is the one place in Brisbane that will help you have the wedding of your dreams.

Why Lightspace Wedding Venue Brisbane?

Everything can be done at the same place: Lightspace is a very ideal place for your wedding since you can have your wedding ceremony in one part of the venue, get some cocktails with your friends after the vows then have your wedding dinner in the massive lounge located at the same place. This saves your guests the time it takes to move from one place to another after the wedding ceremony. It can also save you a lot of money since hiring different places can hurt your pockets.

It is very spacious: Lightspace Brisbane is very large and can accommodate up to 150 guests for a cocktail reception and 250 guests for a sit down dinner. If you are looking to invite many people for your wedding then this is a very good option.

Hassle free wedding planning: It is common knowledge that weddings are not easy to plan. At Lightspace Wedding venue Brisbane, they are connected with many catering suppliers, decorators and wedding entertainment service providers. With their help, planning your wedding will be a breeze. The venue also has its very own vintage onsite furniture, china and glassware for use during the receptions. As much as everything is normally available, at Lighthouse they are very flexible. You can decorate the venue the way you want and also have the place arranged according to your preferences.

Accessibility: No one wants guests running late for a wedding. Having your wedding at Lightspace Brisbane will eliminate tardiness on your special day. This is because it is situated at a strategic place that is just 10 minutes from the CBD by taxi. The guests will not find it hard to locate the place.

Other Services: Lightspace offers venue hire Brisbane services to people or companies who may need them. Their prices are competitive enough and the venue will leave all your guests remarking on how successful your event has been. Lightspace accepts hires for events such as product launches, fashion shows, exhibitions, charitable events, film and photo shoots.

Office spaces: Lightspace Office space Brisbane is offered at very competitive prices. If you are a small company seeking some creative space then Lightspace is your best bet to having an office with very good ambience. If you need a good place where your employees can really utilize their creativity then this is the place to be. Lightspace will offer you a nice coworking space Brisbane where your employees will be very comfortable.

Lightspace Wedding Venue Brisbane is your best bet at having the it wedding. Contact them today! For more details, visit at: http://www.lightspace.net.au/weddings.php



Top 5 Marketing Benefits of Utilizing On-Hold Music

Are you a business owner looking for new marketing ideas to help promote your products and services? If you are, you might want to add hold music in your list of marketing materials. This audio marketing strategy consists of playing a branded music video or creative on-hold music to fill the silence that callers typically experience whenever they are placed on hold. Companies that have a customer service line usually install this audio marketing tool for different reasons. Why should you try this marketing strategy? Here are the top 5 benefits:

1. Converts “silent time” into a selling tool – Instead of just plain silence when clients are placed on hold, you can have them listen to your official business or company jingle or theme song as hold music. It’s an innovative way to remind clients of your business’ vision and mission. You can also have them listen to a list of your products and services which could spark their interest. It’s an instant and efficient up selling tool!

2. Helps customer service representatives in call handling – Imagine if an irate or upset client calls your customer service hotline and launches into a tirade of complaints. Your customer service representative may need to place the client on hold for a long time to get sufficient time in solving the concern. If you have hold music to keep them entertained, it’s highly likely that they will not mind the long waiting time. It’s also an indication that they are still connected with your business representative, so the chances of them hanging up will be low.

3. Reminds clients of specific business tasks and/or process flow – You can also use on hold music to remind your clients how your business flow works so the next time they try to book your service or buy your products, they’ll know exactly what to do. You can also tell them about past dues that need to be settled, remind them about upcoming payments, or inform them about your service or product upgrades. Click here ZBM

4. Provides a cost efficient marketing strategy option – This audio marketing technique does not cost much and the benefits last for months and maybe even years if your customized music or narration is able to relay the message well to your target audience.

5. Gives you room for creative input – Companies that specialize in music on hold customization and production services offer different product packages that suit your needs. Choose from standard music that they have previously created, improved version of a music you created yourself, or customized music based on your business platform. Some companies even give free trial so you can test their product’s effectiveness first before you book their services.

If you’re looking for a company that offers a free trial for hold music in QLD, check out Zoo Business Media. They offer a wide range of on-hold message customization services. It may not be easy to find a hold music in QLD that could cater to your unique audio marketing needs, but Zoo Business Media has a team of audio experts that are willing to listen and attend to your specific requests. See more at http://zbm.com.au/our-services/1-800-onhold/onhold-music-messaging/

A Complete Guide to New Online Casinos

The other name for online casinos is virtual casinos. Sometimes they are also referred to as internet casino. They are primarily the online versions of traditional brick and mortar casinos. These casinos are among the recent favorites of the gamblers and are being widely preferred by them. This is probably the main reason behind setting up of large-number of new online casinos all across the globe. (more…)

Are you looking for the best online casino gaming experience?

People find gambling to be fun and entertaining, whether it’s a game between friends or serious casino gambling. At times you may not have the time, option or desire to go to a casino building for their diversions and that’s where the world of online casino gaming comes in handy. According to the UK gambling commission figures, online gambling is now the largest sector of Britain’s gambling sector. As an online player or a beginner there are problems you will face when deciding on a particular online casino with regard to security and defrauding issues among others. New online casinos keep coming up as the business is booming and the down side is the consumer finds it difficult to separate a reliable and reputable online casino from a scam. (more…)

Why Look For New Casino Sites Online – To Maximize Chances

The moment you talk about casinos, the name which springs up in many people’s minds is the Kingdom of Casino – Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to end up in the casino paradise. But then again, actually, new casino sites are here! With over thousands of casino games available right on your personal computers or desktops, playing casino has never been so fun. In fact, with Christmas around, the latest game to have been launched is the Elf Slot. This game has already started winning the hearts of many people and filling the pockets of many others. (more…)