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Planning Tips for an Evening Party Marquee in Sydney

Putting up a party marquee is a fantastic way to host a party. It is famous in weddings but has evolved to become the go-to option in outdoor gatherings and other social events. If you are one of the organizers for this party, you need to be thorough about every detail in this evening party, specifically in putting up the marquee. Take note of these basic tips if you are looking for party marquee hire in Sydney, as well as some tips for planning.

if you are looking for party marquee hire in Sydney
if you are looking for party marquee hire in Sydney

•    Make sure that you begin setting up the party marquee a few days in advance. This will give you time to test the arrangement of the seats, as well as other electrical equipment like sound and lighting. Based on what your initial setup looks like, you can make adjustments to improve the flow of the party.

•    Take note of the lighting arrangement. Although lighting helps to set the mood of the party, you want to have enough functional lighting at the evening party. This will make it easier for guests to eat or walk around at the party.

•    You have to understand the temperature of the season, specifically the night of the event. For colder months, you can do heating on the marquee so your guests can get some warmth the moment they walk into the marquee.

•    Consider the floor or ground. Most of your female guests might be wearing heels to the party. Hence, make sure to provide proper flooring system for the party so it is easy for them to walk around. Walking on solid ground in high heels can be difficult.

•    Always observe safety and proper installation of a marquee. You might be tempted to do it on your own but it is best to work with a party hire company with lots of experience on marquees. You want to ensure that the marquee is installed on a solid foundation. No matter how much you plan the party, you cannot predict the weather conditions. It should be able to withstand rain or strong winds. If you are looking for party marquee hire in Sydney, take this factor into consideration.

•    Create a table plan for your guests. This will make it easier for them to socialize and walk around the area. Meanwhile, it will allow you to maximize your use of the space under the marquee. You can therefore send out invitations in advance and ask for confirmation from your guests. This will give you a definitive idea on how many people are expected to join the party.

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Learn About Things that Can Ruin Your Wedding Photography

One of the exciting days after a wedding occasion is the time you set your eyes on your wedding photographs. You want to see clear photos that keep you admiring the memorable day. Therefore, it is important to choose a photographer that you trust and admire based on the quality of services provided. For example, couples that plan a wedding in Brisbane should embrace professional services of reliable professionals such as Oakman photography Brisbane wedding photography specialist.

Photographs are physical evidence that you will have after the occasion. Therefore, planning the look of an event from a photography standpoint is quite important. However, beyond their beautiful gowns and “cool” suits, many couples do not always think of some important things when considering a photographer to capture their day. Read on to discover things that your photographer cannot control and can ruin your wedding photography.

Bad scheduling

In this case, couples should not rush on the day of the occasion and through their wedding photography. Feel relaxed and a photographer may find it easier to capture your occasion to the best. Ensure you discuss the wedding programs in advance with your stylist, artist, photographer, and the wedding planner and set enough time for everyone to settle and be ready for necessary photography. According to an Oakman photography Brisbane wedding photography specialist, such an arrangement can make your occasion run smoothly.

In addition, it is advisable to choose a bridesmaid or make a wedding timeline to ensure that the morning programs run on time. Prepare well and set a good schedule in advance before the big day.

An ugly décor

Another thing that ruins a wedding photography is an ugly carpet and décor. Couples should consider venue décor, as it not only contributes to the proper capturing of the occasion, but also contributes to the overall look of the venue. It is quite fun if your wedding gown hangs on a clean, beautiful floor. For that reason, have a décor where you will take your photographs properly in a manner that it matches your dressing style. However, if all else fails, advise the photographer to turn the photos in black and white style.

The sun

You need to understand that certain times of the day may be optimal for photography.  The hour before the sunset and the hour after the sunrise are the best hours for taking photographs, especially wedding photographs. Do not settle under a tree, as the spotty light that streams through the leaves can create ugly shadows on the images. The guest, bride, or the groom will have sunlight on the face. To ensure proper preparation, the couple should visit the venue in advance to experience how the sun will be during the time of their event.

Finally yet importantly, it is important to properly feed the photographers up and give them easy time to do what they love. The day will be so busy and any slight distraction on photographers can result in poor quality wedding photographs.

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A Stag Weekend: The Best Way to Make It Thrilling and Unforgettable

Having fun with friends is something exciting and good for your health. Having worked for several weeks or being in school for a while, it is good to give yourself a special treat. This is never sweet and enticing without friends. However, how successful a party or stag weekend becomes depends on how well it is planned. Poor planning can make a party that was to bring life to you and your friends to be something pitiable. Here is how you go about planning for a classy and unforgettable night party:

Mind about the clash

You and your friends should come up with the date of the party early enough. Planning without a date in mind is planning to fail the entire event. While coming up with a date, it is good to know that some other affairs and activities may coincide or clash with your event. This helps you to know whether you should book the party venue or not. Find out if there are birthdays, weddings, public holidays and weather factors that would clash with your stag weekend.

Stag Weekend

Value, needs, and budget

It is important to find out whether everyone going for the party or weekend out is physically fit for it. Get to know if there is any among those included in the party with injuries or special needs. This would greatly guide you in choosing the activities you should have for the party. If one or two of the party members is disabled or injured, the organizing team would have to come up with activities that suit them. It would be important to also find out the value the party would have for all of you and then budget for it. These are the secrets that make most top stag nights successful and fulfilling.


Although all of you are for the party and looking forward to enjoying it together, not everything can be done by all of you at the same time. Sit down and delegate duties for easier planning. Get to know who among you would look for a venue while another handles finances. If you mismanage money from the onset, chances of going for that night party would be very limited. Let another also think about the transport you would use to the selected venue. This way, you would be sure of an excellent and memorable stag weekend.

Things considered ‘small’

The difference between great and average snag parties is details. When planning for an exciting big party, it’s possible to forget some small details. Take time to go through what you already have and find out if you have left out anything no matter how negligible it may look. Some of the things you should not forget include places to eat, evening dress code, check out and in times, stag challenges and dares, stag do games and transport arrangements. When these aspects and others are harmonized, it is possible to have the most exciting Hen nights.

It is possible to have glorious Hen weekends abroad with proper planning. Most people have a big picture of the party they want to have but don’t have strong strategies to plan for it. The four things above would in big deal help you excellently plan for the next night party. Other important preparations tips include location and how the group mates will be kept connected and updated.

Gift Ideas That Would Make Any Rock Music Fan’s Day

Do you have a family member or friend who’s a die-hard fan of rock music? Rock music fanatics can be found in most countries all over the world and the great news is that there are many awesome gifts inspired by rock music that are ideal to give to rock music aficionados. From simple items like personalized apparel to remarkable presents like free Pink Floyd tour tickets now; it can truly be rewarding to give a gift that would mean a lot to the receiver. Here are some gift ideas for rock music fans that you can give for just about any special occasion:

Indoor games rock bands version – Look for board games or other types of indoor games that are inspired by rock bands, like the special Monopoly Metallica collector’s edition. Wrap up these really cool items and bring some food and drinks when you give it to your rocker friend so you can go ahead and start a game night to remember.

Concert tour tickets – If you’re feeling generous why not check out the current tour schedules of your family member or friend’s favourite rock band and get him or her free ticket? Say for instance your friend is a fan of Pink Floyd, you may want to go online and see the Pink Floyd tour dates so you’ll know which Pink Floyd tour ticket to buy him or her.  This is an experience your family member or friend will never forget. You’ll definitely be glad you made an effort to get this gift.

Special edition rock star Halloween costumes – Go online or visit special costume shops and see if you can get your family member or friend a Halloween costume that’s inspired by the signature attire of his or her favourite rock artist. Just imagine how unforgettable the celebration of the next Halloween would be for him or her! Make sure to get the complete ensemble.

Sports items rock stars edition – You may also look for limited edition sports or outdoor items that are inspired by rock bands or artists, like Linkin Park snowboard. Some of the items you may choose from are sports bottles, sports gears, sports apparel, and sports equipment.

Books about rock biographies – If you don’t have enough money to buy Pink Floyd tour tickets, you can order a special edition book about Pink Floyd which will also be appreciated by your rock band friend or family member. Biographies of rock music and rock bands are items that rock band fanatics don’t usually think about buying first so you’re actually doing them a favor. Check out

High quality speakers or headphones – Help your family member or friend enjoy listening to rock band songs by giving them excellent quality speakers or headphones which they can use for a long time.

Think you can now manage to buy a great gift for your rocker friend? For information on where to get top of the line gifts, like the best Pink Floyd tour tickets, go online for options. Be careful in buying inexpensive concert tickets, like too cheap Pink Floyd tour tickets because you may be getting them from scalpers. For starters, visit The Pink Floyd Experience for details of their current tours.

6 OTT (Over The Top!) Wedding Ideas for Your Summer Wedding in 2017

Reported this month, more men are choosing to spend thousands on over-the-top wedding experiences, such as wedding fireworks, a phantasmagoric wedding story in the sky, trending worldwide. The following article lists 5 over-the-top ideas that will make your upcoming nuptials into an unforgettable experience not only for you and your life partner but your guests as well.

A Whimsical Garden Indoors

2017 is the year of the garden wedding. This does not mean hosting your guests in a muddy field on an exotic hillside location. Couples are making more room for fresh exotic flowers and trees in their wedding budgets to resemble A Midsummer Night’s Dream set. This ensures that your wedding dress and guests keep dry and cool in an air-conditioned environment while feeling magical vibes that only the most exotic colourful flowers from around the world can inspire.

Crystal Centerpieces

Another trend endorsed by wedding parties, especially in Russia and China, involves the use of natural crystals in wedding decorations. From adding a bit of sparkle to wedding stationery such as invites to chandeliers and centerpieces, crystals reflect dimly lit light indoors aesthetically. Also, the use of LED lights instead of bright over exposed halogens make for the best wedding pictures, worthy of social media trend alerts.

Use of Wrought Iron

Wrought iron tables, chairs, and even decorative gates add a bohemian-esque aesthetic touch and the most amazing photo opportunities for the entire wedding party. Reminiscent of Venetian weddings of the past, wrought iron gates can be painted to coordinate with your wedding theme as well as provide great stands for fresh flowers, photographs of your romantic journey as well as places to string soft yellow lights to create a cozier aura during your reception, which can be held outdoors when it is cooler in the evening, while also celebrating with wedding fireworks. You can easily locate an agency that conducts wedding fireworks in Brisbane.

Draped Ceilings

A modern wedding trend, draped ceilings, makes you feel like you are in a beautiful silken tent without having to be outdoors this summer. Most wedding venues have boring, white ceilings, or even worse, the white cork tiles which will make your wedding pictures look washed out because of flashes. A draped ceiling can offer a soft reflective buffer and can even be decorated with rice lights to make you feel like you are under the stars without having to bear the heat outdoors. Check out

Hanging Framed Mirrors

Repurpose antique mirrors from your local vintage shops or hardware stores to make beautiful wedding décor as an alternative to chandeliers. They will reflect light as well as crystals do and add a fun element to your wedding party.

Wedding Fireworks

Your local wedding planner can suggest experienced pyrotechnics that conduct Brisbane wedding fireworks for the most romantic and unforgettable experience. Wedding fireworks have been used during celebrations for centuries to commemorate joyous occasions all over the world. They were set off to allow entire cities or towns to spread good vibes, even if they were not invited to help celebrate more exclusive events.


This summer, keep yourself and your wedding party happy by bringing the great outdoors, indoor instead. Your wedding planner will be able to organize all the suggestions listed above, or you can also look for ideas such as buy wedding fireworks online through sites like Read more at Fuse Pyrotechnics

School Camps in Sydney – Expanding Children’s Vision

When summer arrives, all outdoor activities begin in right earnest. For the parents with young children, it’s time to plan to send their children to summer camps. The school camps Sydney wide provide a very good option and the parents start looking around for the best camps to send their kids to.

School Camps Sydney

School Camps Sydney

Objective of School Camps to Broaden the Vision

It is true that the school camps, especially in summer, are meant to give some relief to the children from the daily routine of the academic year just gone by and to have loads of fun. But a well structured camp can go beyond the fun element and provide some useful learning as well. There will be a lot of activities and fun nevertheless, and the children will enjoy all of them. And any teaching will not be of the classroom type or a text based lesson. One can find a lot of aspects being taught to the kids which they have to learn, but are not able to pick them in an academic environment at school. Team spirit, making adjustments with others and learning to think out of the box are all things one can learn from school camps in Sydney.

Locations and About the Camps

The locations for the school camps Sydney based are carefully selected to ensure that the children get to stay in tents and learn to live one with the nature. But at the same time, the organizers make sure the safety of the children is in no way compromised. The camps could be for a short duration, but there are plenty of activities packed within this short period so that the children have complete and thorough enjoyment. The activities are broadly categorized as high activities, initiative activities, water activities, excursions and other activities.

Each of these genres of activities has a whole list of them. For instance, in high activities, you will find abseiling, crate climbing, giant swing, high ropes and so on. Similarly, within the water activities, one can do canoeing, kayaking, swimming and so on. While these might sound very physical in nature, the initiative activities in the Sydney school camps are more about engaging the brain of the children attending the camp.

In the activities, they get to learn teamwork; orienteering, for example is one such activity. Here the children find their way from a spot in the interiors back to the camp by using compasses, maps and so on.

Age wise Camps Organized

The school camps Sydney wide generally group the school children into two broad age groups and they name them primary school and high school programmes. Along with the students the teachers also accompany the kids and it becomes an interesting outing for them as well. Parents and teachers study the details of the camps and send the children to the camps. They also check and ensure that the organizers have made the required arrangements in the camp site for the safety of the children. The camp organizers, who have been doing this for many years, bring in some new improvements each year to make things more interesting and also safe for the children and the teachers. Visit us at

Common FAQs for Selecting a Perfect Wedding Event Place

Right after your engagement, one of the things you will have to think about is the venue. As simple as it might seem, the concern of where to host your wedding is not a simple one to address. Getting proper assistance from a trusted service provider of wedding reception venues Melbourne has to offer can be a great starting point.

Image result for wedding reception venues melbourne

Typically, couples would select a location in their hometown and consider it a done deal. Today, with numerous wedding event locations available, your choice of wedding location is no longer limited. This calls for careful and mindful consideration.

Initially, you have to express your crucial concerns prior to choosing special occasions venues Melbourne has today. To find the best wedding reception venues Melbourne has to offer, here are essential concerns to address:

How many guests will be participating in the wedding ceremony and reception?

The number of guests will dictate what venue you should choose, especially where size is concerned. Yours can be a little event or a full-blown Broadway-worthy production. Based on the number of guests, you can select the right Yarra Valley wedding venues that will be able to accommodate everyone. It is likewise essential to seek the expertise of a professional in wedding planning to recommend you with available wedding reception venues Melbourne has today.

Apart from that, it is necessary to think about the kind of visitors you will have. Do they have young children? Are they senior citizens? The responses to such concerns will identify whether you take the event to a beach, a park, or a banquet hall.

Is it a spiritual event? Are there any specific religious ritual that needs to be done?

A spiritual wedding event would need to occur in a church or other spiritual set-ups, which suggest that you would need to reserve your area early, even prior to your schedule with the reception location. Besides, some spiritual locations do not offer specific flowers and some have rules and restrictions you must follow.

In addition, if you do not share the same faith with your partner, it is suggested to hold the event in a neutral location.

How much work will you need to do yourself?

Hiring professionals is a necessity for events to be held in business function venues Melbourne offers. The same is true for your wedding and reception. You can always go DIY, but why not take advantage of what event organisers can do for you? Let them do all the work, so you have only a few things to worry about.

For instance, you might choose to pick a distinct area such as in a barn. Nevertheless, you have to do some preparations you’re your preferred wedding reception venues Melbourne has, such as clearing the area, setting tables and chairs, preparing the lighting and motif decors, among others. Besides, any plan ought to have a backup strategy in case of rain or something disruptive.

If you are thinking about leasing a reception hall, this setup typically features a one-size-fits-all plan. It would work to your advantage if the service comes with post-celebration cleanup and other activities that will make the next day less taxing.

Guiding You to an Unforgettable Birthday Party

Amusement Ride Hire in MelbourneChildren’s birthdays are very important day for both the parents and children. On this day, the parents get to commemorate the day their gem was placed in their arms and for the child, it is usually a day to celebrate life, spend time with friends and get showered with gifts and affection. The child also gets to have fun with friends and family members. On such a day, it is important that the parents go out of their way to make the child feel special. One way to do this can be having a theme party with an amusement ride for all the children at the party to enjoy. In the wider Melbourne area, this can be made possible by contacting a company that deals in amusement ride hire in Melbourne. This highlight can make your child feel special and have everyone in the neighborhood speaking about the amazing party you had. Before thinking of the amusement rides for your party, it is important to know what guidelines you should follow to ensure that the party is a huge success.

1.       Plan the party well in advance: Planning a great party takes time since it requires lots of attention to detail. It is advisable that you start planning six weeks in advance in order to capture everything that you will need for the party. Planning well in advance will enable you to think of companies which deal in amusement ride hire in Melbourne. These mostly require you to book their equipment well in advance as many children’s parties hire them all year round.

2.       Involve your child: Let’s face it, the party is being held in honor of the child therefore, it would make a lot of sense to involve him/her in the initial planning stages to find out what themes they like, what games they would like to be played and the kind of entertainment options they would prefer. This will come in handy in throwing a party that the birthday child will enjoy.

3.       Have a budget: Budgeting is important since it enables you to plan for the amount of food, snacks and entertainment that you will provide on the material day. A handy way to make a budget would be to estimate the number of people that you will host on the day and have a certain amount set aside for each.

4.       Have an agenda for the party: Children get bored really fast and can start leaving as soon as possible if they are not occupied enough. Having an agenda helps you limit the time spent on every activity during the party. It also enables the party to go on for a stipulated amount of time minimizing boredom. The children also make the most out of the party and form better relationships with each other.

5.       Choose a suitable location:  Your party theme and budget will determine where you will hold your child’s birthday party. If you have budgeted to contact a company that deals with amusement ride hire in Melbourne, then it is likely that you will need more space so that the children enjoy it to the maximum.

A great party is not out of reach, in fact, an amusement ride will definitely make it a tad more memorable!

Spice Your Wedding Up With A Mobile Bar

If you list the most important events that happen during a person’s lifetime, weddings are probably very high up. This is why most couples go all out – after all, everyone hopes to get married only once during their life. Nowadays, the traditional church wedding plus lunch or dinner reception is considered by most as boring. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the mobile bar hire Sydney market is sought after by couples.

Breaking Out of Tradition

mobile bar hire sydneyWeddings are being held differently than they were decades ago, as couples try to up one another in terms of wedding uniqueness. Nowadays, nobody bats an eyelid if the bride’s gown is anything but white. Weddings are done in the strangest of places, like concert halls, water parks and even museums.

These innovations aren’t limited to the ceremony itself; in fact, the reception gives couples more opportunities to spice things up. Aside from Sydney mobile bar hire, other uniquely popular choices for couples include fire dancers, food stalls, buffets and even DIY pizza or burger lunches.

The Mobile Bar Difference

So much preparation is done all to achieve one goal – to ensure that when guests go home, they will remember the wedding for a long time. Couples want their guests to go, “wow, how unique! I want that for my wedding as well!”. This is something that a mobile bar hire in Sydney can easily achieve.

If you’re on a limited budget, why should you choose a mobile bar instead of other unique gimmicks for your wedding? Because for one thing, everyone loves a good cocktail. Since most guests in your wedding will be grownups, why not let adults be adults? Allow your wedding reception to be some sort of “time off” for your guests, who can unwind and enjoy a martini before they go back to the daily grind.

There are several mobile bar hire Sydney providers, but choose reputable ones like with a long history of successfully held wedding receptions. They will ensure that your requests are carried out and that your guests fully enjoy the perks of a mobile bar.

Of course, what about the children? Well, the best mobile bar hire Sydney has serve more than just alcoholic drinks. You can customize your beverage menu, prepared by a trained bartender. Both the mobile bar motif and the beverage menu can be themed to match your wedding. Having a beach wedding? Why not set your mobile bar to serve Piña Coladas and Caribbean Rum Punch. You can also ask them to make fancy non-alcoholic juices for the kids. Mobile bars can be versatile, so there’s something on the menu for everybody.

Couples planning out their wedding should include a mobile bar in their reception plans. It’s fun, unique and a tad bit exciting. Browse through mobile bar hire in Sydney websites like Wats On Tap to get a quote of their services. For sure, your guests will be green with envy and they won’t forget your wedding reception in a long, long time.

The Journey to the Creation of a Perfect Wedding Video

Planning a wedding is a journey with joys and setbacks in equal measure. The journey to getting a perfect wedding video is not easy either. Remember that the video, more than photographs, will capture the true magic and spirit of your big day. You cannot take chances with anything involving your wedding video, from the videographer to the wedding reception setting which is reflected in the video. You want to get the best wedding videography Melbourne expert, the best reception in the area, a killer theme, striking colors and of course an award-winning gown. You can go to any length to make sure that your wedding video is as perfect as it can get. But, attaining it is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and early planning. Here are some great tips to guide you through the process of getting a perfect video for the day you tie the knot.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

Find a good videographer seriously

The videographer is the most important element in this equation. He can make or break the whole thing. Finding a good wedding videography Melbourne expert is something you ought to take more seriously than anything else. You can never go wrong with planning in advance. Begin the search as early as possible so as to have the chance of exploring all the options available. Also, you can source for services that fit your budget well ahead of the D-day.

Do your due diligence

When you spot a potential hire, you need to dig deeper. Find out if they can deliver what you want? The best way to do this is by taking a look at their past work. Ask to see full videos of weddings they’ve shot in the recent past. Check for clarity and the general style. Do the videos impress you? If you feel they’re amiss, move to the next option. You may also ask for references. Any professional Melbourne wedding videography expert will provide you references willingly. Make sure you call the references and get their opinion about the videographer.

Check the videographer’s style

Different wedding videography Melbourne professionals take different approaches, just like in photography. In other words, they have different styles. Some use cinematic styles involving more dramatic actions. This gives the film a Hollywood-feel. Other videographers take the documentary-style approach which has limited special effects and presents the events chronologically. Choose a videographer whose approach closely matches your style.

Utilize the contract to the fullest

Don’t settle for the lower limit. Take advantage of everything that’s offered in your videographer’s package. This could include maximum coverage time, having more than one shooter on site and getting the finished products in different versions such as digital media files, trailers, and highlights reels. These factors will enhance the final product. So find a videographer with a comprehensive and all-inclusive package.

Let your videographer be

If you are sure you have found the best professional of wedding videography in Melbourne take your rest and allow them to be. Trust your decision. On the wedding day, don’t try to micromanage them. If you have hired the right videographer, have confidence in them.

For more info, visit

Recognizing the Importance of Your Man’s Man Cave

Does your husband or partner have his own man cave in the house? Man cave or manspace is the term used to refer to a room or part of the house that serves as men’s official private quarters, a place where they can do anything they want. It can be any space in the house like an extra bedroom, garage, basement, attic, or recreation room which is decorated and prepped up to a guy’s liking. In fact, some men are so obsessed with fixing up their man cave that they even visit a man cave store to get accessories like bar equipment, sports gears, pool tables, and others.

Why is it important for men’s wives or partners to acknowledge the importance of a man cave? It is crucial to do so because men need a space where they can express their individuality without feeling guilty in doing so. How can you do that? Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask him about the idea of a man cave – One of the most effective ways you can show that you recognize the importance of expressing his individuality and having his privacy is to ask him about the idea of having a man cave in the house. This shows that you respect him enough to ask for his opinion rather than assume what he likes.
  • Talk with him about his decorating plans – Once your husband or partner declares that he’d like an official man cave in the house, help him come up with ideas on how to decorate the space. You can help him build up and finalize his concept and suggest the best man cave store to visit in case he needs to pick up some accessories.
  • Help him fix up his private space – When the decorating plan is finalized, accompany your man to the store to pick up the things he needs. After you find man cave store that carries the supplies your husband or partner needs and buying those supplies, help him with the decorating tasks. It shows him that you’re fully onboard with the idea that you’re even willing to do the leg work with him. It’s also a great time for you to bond with each other.
  •  Remind yourself constantly of your man’s need for his own space – You may think the job ends when your man’s “cave” is all prepped up but actually it’s just starting. You need to occasionally remind yourself of the fact that your husband or partner has his own private space in the house and that you need to let him have breaks which will help him recharge and get back on track after those tiring, stressful, and dreary days.

If you think about it, supporting your husband or partner with his decision to have his private space in the house not just shows how much you value him as a person, but it also shows the extent of your love for him. If you want to look at products available in a man cave store in Australia, visit

6 Qualities You Should Look for in a Destination Wedding Photographer

destination wedding photography

Gone are the days when engaged couples are stuck with hiring photographers available in their locality. Now, people from all over the world can also enjoy the services of a skilled photographer from afar. Destination wedding photography is practiced by traveling wedding photographers.

How do you know if a destination wedding photography you paid for is worth it? Here are some qualities you should look for in a destination wedding photographer:

A destination wedding photographer’s work ethics 

  • Punctuality

Destination wedding photography is not all fun and games, even though the profession looks and sounds like it. A destination wedding photographer should be able to commit to the schedule.

If the situation calls for it, they should schedule a flight to and from the event. They should travel a day or two before the wedding, even though they will only work on the wedding day. This is necessary for them and the couple to discuss the final instructions and recap the services they will get.

  • Organization

A destination photographer has to be a “plan person” because their job requires traveling overseas and mingling with people with varying culture.

They have to be organized about: who they are as a photographer, their packages, their limitation, and their necessary preparations for traveling.

They should also be honest and clear about their packages’ rate if you are discussing through Skype. They must be clear if they rate is hourly or if it includes their travel package. As the client, this will help you weigh your options. Affordable wedding photography shouldn’t also mean cheap quality.

Meanwhile, for a day’s work, a destination photographer should schedule their flight weeks or days before the wedding. They have a lot to prepare such as securing their equipment, getting permits, the possibility of getting a travel vaccine, and fixing their travel insurance. Preparing and organizing these arrangements early on will help them do their job smoothly without any hang-ups.

  • Flexibility

Whether the client is looking for a Byron Bay wedding photographer or a Bali wedding photographer, destination photographers should be intuitive enough to cater to the clients. They have to study the culture in the client’s location and adapt to possible limitations in the event.  Most importantly,  they have to be quick-thinkers and opportunists—seizing every opportunity to capture exceptional photos.

Skills: Film and Digital

Film and digital photography are often pitted against each other. Both have their highs and low’s, but both have their own charms.

  • Skilled in both ways

The traditional film is a beautiful format, but digital also has its charm. A destination wedding photographer should be skilled both ways, especially when situations and time schedules affect photo quality. For example, digital photography is obviously good for locations with off-camera lighting. Meanwhile, Film goes well with natural lighting, so it’s perfect for morning weddings and sunset-washed locations.

  • Ensured quality and quantity

A destination wedding photographer knows when and when not to use a film or digital camera.

For starters, Film can get high-quality shots but can also be expensive. Digital camera shots are practical, but they take time in photo-processing if you want to achieve that film look.

A smart destination wedding photographer who uses Film limits their shots based on the amount of film they have. For instance, they can use film to shoot the cake-cutting, the bride’s marching or any special moment that should be captured by high-quality film. But they will have to use a digital camera for the rest of the event to cut costs. After all, a memory card of a digital camera can store up to a thousand photos. However, they must also be creative and play around with the lighting and angles.

Giving it a shot

  • An eye for stories

Lastly, look for a destination photographer that has a photojournalistic eye. Often times, wedding shots are aimed at common moments that take place in every wedding. Wedding photography should also show what’s behind the scenes or the candid and “caught-off-guard” moments, not just the highlight reels. Check them out by visiting Jessie Dains.

Lightspace of Brisbane, giving you an unforgettable wedding experience

With the wedding season in full swing many couples are looking for ideal places to host their wedding ceremonies and receptions. This can be a nerve wracking situation given that a couple wants the wedding to be an occasion they will cherish forever. Many people have their weddings and receptions in different places. This really hurts their pockets. However, there is a solution to all that. Welcome to Lightspace Wedding Venue Brisbane!


This is your perfect wedding venue as everything that pertains your wedding can be done all under one roof. This is the one place in Brisbane that will help you have the wedding of your dreams.

Why Lightspace Wedding Venue Brisbane?

Everything can be done at the same place: Lightspace is a very ideal place for your wedding since you can have your wedding ceremony in one part of the venue, get some cocktails with your friends after the vows then have your wedding dinner in the massive lounge located at the same place. This saves your guests the time it takes to move from one place to another after the wedding ceremony. It can also save you a lot of money since hiring different places can hurt your pockets.

It is very spacious: Lightspace Brisbane is very large and can accommodate up to 150 guests for a cocktail reception and 250 guests for a sit down dinner. If you are looking to invite many people for your wedding then this is a very good option.

Hassle free wedding planning: It is common knowledge that weddings are not easy to plan. At Lightspace Wedding venue Brisbane, they are connected with many catering suppliers, decorators and wedding entertainment service providers. With their help, planning your wedding will be a breeze. The venue also has its very own vintage onsite furniture, china and glassware for use during the receptions. As much as everything is normally available, at Lighthouse they are very flexible. You can decorate the venue the way you want and also have the place arranged according to your preferences.

Accessibility: No one wants guests running late for a wedding. Having your wedding at Lightspace Brisbane will eliminate tardiness on your special day. This is because it is situated at a strategic place that is just 10 minutes from the CBD by taxi. The guests will not find it hard to locate the place.

Other Services: Lightspace offers venue hire Brisbane services to people or companies who may need them. Their prices are competitive enough and the venue will leave all your guests remarking on how successful your event has been. Lightspace accepts hires for events such as product launches, fashion shows, exhibitions, charitable events, film and photo shoots.

Office spaces: Lightspace Office space Brisbane is offered at very competitive prices. If you are a small company seeking some creative space then Lightspace is your best bet to having an office with very good ambience. If you need a good place where your employees can really utilize their creativity then this is the place to be. Lightspace will offer you a nice coworking space Brisbane where your employees will be very comfortable.

Lightspace Wedding Venue Brisbane is your best bet at having the it wedding. Contact them today! For more details, visit at:



Why the LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebooks are a Perfect Option for Bullet Journaling?

LEUCHTTURM1917 has been making great-quality notebooks for many years now, and people who have used them could not sing their praises enough. As you can see, these dot grid notebooks come with beautiful designs and precise attention to detail, making them a perfect choice for bullet journaling. With forward-looking features, they can make the task of organizing your daily life much easier. Here is what you can get from using these notebooks:

Image result for LEUCHTTURM1917

  • Built-In Index

These dotted notebooks already come with three pages for the index, as well as columns for the topics and page numbers. This makes it easier for you to chronicle various events and dates that you might like to remember in the future.

  • Carefully Designed Pages

Unlike those of other notebook brands, LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks have off-white pages with a faint grey ruling that is not too dark to put you off. Typically, their grid is faint enough to blend into the background, yet dark enough to guide you. As for the number of pages, it is usually more than 200, with the last ones perforated in case you need to post a note. For the dots, they are small enough (5 millimeters in width) to avoid becoming an eyesore, yet seeable enough to be useful.

  • Heavy-Duty Ribbon Bookmarks

Most of these notebooks come with ribbon bookmarks that are made of strong material that does not unfurl or stretch. Depending on the type of notebook that you are buying, you will get one, two, or three bookmarks to come with it.

  • Flexibility

These dotted notebooks particularly offer you a similar level of flexibility that graph-grid notebooks have—the only difference is that they are less busy. Basically, the tone of their dots is easy on the eyes and will not bother you when jotting down some things. In terms of color, they come in various shades, so you can always choose one that reflects your style.

  • Compatibility with Almost All Pens

In a nutshell, these notebooks work well with almost any pen or ink, such as the J.Herbin fountain pen ink. Their paper is of the right grams per square meter (gsm), which means that they can handle even fountain pens without bleed-through, except when you use the wettest of inks. That is why these notebooks are becoming popular as planners for fountain pens.

  • More Reinforced Spine

Thanks to a more durable spine, these notebooks have more resistance to folding, so they will not easily tear. In fact, this upgraded component makes LEUCHTTURM1917 among the sturdiest notebooks of today. You can assure yourself that they will always be intact no matter how and where you use them.

Without a doubt, LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks are a better choice compared to other notebooks that you will find on the market today when it comes to bullet journaling. Basically, they have all the features and the little extra details that make organizing your daily tasks easier and more enjoyable. For more information about these notebooks and related products, you can check out

Top 5 Marketing Benefits of Utilizing On-Hold Music

Are you a business owner looking for new marketing ideas to help promote your products and services? If you are, you might want to add hold music in your list of marketing materials. This audio marketing strategy consists of playing a branded music video or creative on-hold music to fill the silence that callers typically experience whenever they are placed on hold. Companies that have a customer service line usually install this audio marketing tool for different reasons. Why should you try this marketing strategy? Here are the top 5 benefits:

1. Converts “silent time” into a selling tool – Instead of just plain silence when clients are placed on hold, you can have them listen to your official business or company jingle or theme song as hold music. It’s an innovative way to remind clients of your business’ vision and mission. You can also have them listen to a list of your products and services which could spark their interest. It’s an instant and efficient up selling tool!

2. Helps customer service representatives in call handling – Imagine if an irate or upset client calls your customer service hotline and launches into a tirade of complaints. Your customer service representative may need to place the client on hold for a long time to get sufficient time in solving the concern. If you have hold music to keep them entertained, it’s highly likely that they will not mind the long waiting time. It’s also an indication that they are still connected with your business representative, so the chances of them hanging up will be low.

3. Reminds clients of specific business tasks and/or process flow – You can also use on hold music to remind your clients how your business flow works so the next time they try to book your service or buy your products, they’ll know exactly what to do. You can also tell them about past dues that need to be settled, remind them about upcoming payments, or inform them about your service or product upgrades. Click here ZBM

4. Provides a cost efficient marketing strategy option – This audio marketing technique does not cost much and the benefits last for months and maybe even years if your customized music or narration is able to relay the message well to your target audience.

5. Gives you room for creative input – Companies that specialize in music on hold customization and production services offer different product packages that suit your needs. Choose from standard music that they have previously created, improved version of a music you created yourself, or customized music based on your business platform. Some companies even give free trial so you can test their product’s effectiveness first before you book their services.

If you’re looking for a company that offers a free trial for hold music in QLD, check out Zoo Business Media. They offer a wide range of on-hold message customization services. It may not be easy to find a hold music in QLD that could cater to your unique audio marketing needs, but Zoo Business Media has a team of audio experts that are willing to listen and attend to your specific requests. See more at

Trendy Toys 101: How Beneficial Are Fidget Spinners in Today’s Age?

No one exactly knows when Fidget Spinners came to be but it has been the number one craze for many people including the old, young adults, and even children in the late spring of 2017. This toy-like device consists of a center bearing and another three surrounding it designed to spin in your hands with a little push. This low-tech toy was supposedly built for children who are diagnosed with autism and ADHD (attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder) and are used by adults who want to manage their fidgeting and ease stress. If you’re someone who needs this and is looking to buy Fidget Spinners Australia has to offer, you can go to Mr. Toys Toyworld.

buy fidget spinners australia

The latest toy craze of 2017 has got everyone thinking whether it is beneficial or not. Listed below are the top 5 reasons why you need to have a Fidget Spinner:

1. It helps decrease anxiety among children, young adults, and even the old.

For people who are constantly nervous when they’re in a crowd or feels uneasy when talking to another person, you need to buy Fidget Spinners Australia has to reduce the tension you feel by directing it to the spinner.

2. Eliminates unnecessary subconscious movements.

When people start to feel nervous, they start biting off their nails, taps on desks, peel off stickers on a container, and more. With the fidget spinner, you are able to find a better alternative to these things as it can provide your hands something productive to do other than biting off your nail. Your next move now is to buy Fidget Spinners Australia has to offer you.

3. It has vibrant colors that keep you calm and relaxed.

The Fidget Spinners Australia has to offer comes in a wide array of shape and colour. There are those that are uniquely designed with bright colours and some even add LED lights on the bearings that light up in every spin. Looking at the vibrant colours of your fidget spinner will allow you to relax in no time. If you are looking to buy Fidget Spinners in Australia that has colourful LED lights, turn to Mr. Toys Toyworld.

4. Fidget spinners are inexpensive.

If your child is suffering from ADHD or autism, the best way to keep them entertained is by letting them play their fidget spinners. These toys are inexpensive and won’t put a hole in your pocket. Plus, when your child is not using it, you can try spinning a few rounds after a tiring day to keep yourself relaxed. If you are looking for an inexpensive therapeutic toy for you and your child, you can buy Fidget Spinners Australia has to offer on this website

5. It allows your children to rest from screen time.

The modern age technology has also influenced the way children act. More and more children are getting too dependent on their gadgets that it comes to a point where they develop a short attention span. It loses your child’s ability to focus which is why the fidget spinner is a great tool to keep them entertained without using any gadget.

Choosing the Perfect Part Hire Company in Melbourne

Weddings, anniversaries, launches, graduations and birthdays are all important events and most of them occur once in a lifetime. When that time comes, you want to give it your best shot. You want to give your guests the most memorable treat ever. To accommodate all your guests you might need to hire some items such as chairs, tables, canopies and linens. A simple search on the internet will give you overwhelming results of companies that offer party hire in Melbourne.

Choosing the right supplier for your party is certainly a daunting task. This article will give you some tips to help you find the very best supplier of party hire in Melbourne.

Research the Company Reputation

When it comes to service companies, it is best to work with a reputable company. The experiences of past clients should give you a clear picture of what to expect from the party hire company. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to get the comments of other people. You may look at the company reviews on sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp and Google Places.

Another great way to know the reputation of the company is by talking to references. A reputable company that has nothing to hide will always provide you with a list of past clients contact information gladly and willingly. Make sure you call or email the references and ask about their experiences with the party hire company.

Evaluate Your Needs and Preferences

The party hire company you choose must suit your needs and preferences. The companies that offer party hire in Melbourne differ in the products and services they provide. Some companies specialize in indoor events and will have everything needed to create a wonderful party inside. Other companies specialize in specific types of events such as weddings or corporate functions. Hiring a company that’s experienced in handling your event is likely to produce good results. Ask for a list of all the services offered by the company and compare them against the products and services you want for your event.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Always have a budget in place to help you remain on track. It is so easy to get off budget when planning for a party. As a good practice, gather quotes from a number of party hire companies and compare the costs. Don’t be in a rush to settle for the cheapest option – sometimes it’s worth spending a little bit more for pleasant and reliable services.

Service and Product Quality

Your graduation party or wedding might just happen once in your lifetime – don’t compromise on quality. Partnering with an event company that provides high-level customer service is vital to ensuring the success of the event. How do they respond to your calls and emails? A good company will have excellent communication methods and quick response time. Aside from that, they will ensure that you are provided with detailed information about the products, the location and event layout.

Ensure that the products you are hiring are also of good quality. They should be of high standards, clean and in good condition. The canopies, for instance, should be clean and without leakages.

Smartest Ideas for Renting High quality Party Equipment

Parties and social gatherings create a platform for conversation, recreation, and gathering. They offer you an opportunity to take a break from routine and pursue other important and exciting activities. After having fun during the weekend, you will realize your productivity has significantly increased immediately you resume work. Equipment and tools required to make the party fun and enjoyable are expensive and can only be rented. Other unusual items like cotton-candy machines and popcorn makers are hard to find especially in the remote areas. Before settling for professionals offering services such as party equipment hire in Perth, you should research and compare prices of at least three service providers.

Key steps of renting quality equipment

Equipment such as music system, furniture, amps, and speakers can make the event lively. You need to prepare a list of necessary equipment and tools before you embark on the process of renting the equipment.

Make inquiries

It is imperative to visit the facility and inspect the quality and type of equipment available. Inquire about the pick-up times, deposits, and delivery. Choose a facility that offers setting up equipment as well as taking them down at a budget friendly cost. Ask if repair fees are applicable for every damaged item.

Understand your audience

The type of furniture selected should address the needs of your audience. A bounce house is too much for young children and incredibly boring for teenagers. However, a karaoke set-up will be appropriate for an audience comprised of people of different ages. You can issue a musical questionnaire and find out the music that your audience prefers. The information acquired from the questionnaire can help your DJ to prepare a playlist. When choosing facilities offering services such as party equipment hire in Perth, make sure they possess a valid license and positive comments from former clients.

Place order on time

Most parties take place on weekends, during public holidays, or festive seasons. This means that the competition for the available equipment is high during this time. Therefore, you should make a point of placing your order as early as possible even if you only have a rough estimate of the number of guests who will be attending. In case the number of equipment ordered is not enough, you have an opportunity to make adjustments.

Have a clear plan to deal with weather conditions

If you are planning an outdoor party, you should rent a tent that protects the audiences from unexpected rain and offers an opportunity for them to socialize. The tent should be set up on a site where there is a shade to deal with the scorching heat. Although renting side panels is a bit costly, they play an integral role of blocking the rain, the sun, and the wind.

Work with a contract

Facilities dealing with party equipment hire in Perth should allow you to work with a clear and realistic contract. Details to be included in the list are the delivery fee, delivery date, service charge, and pick-up date. Both you and your supplier should put a signature on the contract. In case the rental supplier fails to abide by the terms of the contract, you can present it to the court of law as evidence.

Your Definitive Guide to the Trusty Fountain Pen

Do you use fountain pen for your correspondences? If not, then you should consider using this efficient and elegant writing tool. The Fountain pen is a nib pen that has a container or reservoir inside it which holds the ink. The writing mechanism of a fountain pen relies on combined capillary action and gravity with the ink coming out from the reservoir through the nib and onto a paper. There are many different suppliers of fountain pens across US, like Notedian in Maspeth New York for example. They are available in a lot of office and school supplies stores. Before you get a fountain pen, or two, let’s first get to know this remarkable scribbling instrument.

What is the origin of the fountain pen?

It is said that the earliest use of a pen that resembles the capillary action and gravity principle of a fountain pen was during the Renaissance era, around 14th to 17th century, by inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci. It was made available for use in Europe in the 17th century and had been used by different inventors and historians until the 19th century. The first patent for the invention of a fountain pen that has a barrel and swan quill was given to Petrache Poenaru on May 27, 1827. Since then the fountain pen was developed and improved by inventors from various countries to address concerns like ink leakage, and to try innovations like new filling systems, colours, and designs.

Today there are many different fountain pen types made or distributed by office supplies stores, like Notedian in New York. The great thing about the contemporary kinds is that you can personalize them through name engraving. You can also choose from among the various ink colours available.

Why use fountain pen for your writing needs?

A fountain pen is recommendable to be used by everyone, especially those who write a lot of professional letters or correspondences because it’s very effortless to use. Unlike ballpoint pens which usually require you to exert some effort to press it on the paper, fountain pens allow you to scribble easily as the ink just freely flows from the reservoir or cartridge to the paper. So even if you write long letters or scribble pages of information, your hands won’t get cramped. Using a fountain pen is also environment-friendly because once the cartridge goes empty, you just need to have it refilled thereby reusing the main pen. Ballpoint pens, on the other hand, need to be thrown once they’re empty because they don’t have a refillable body.

Why buy fountain pens?

It’s a great, and economical, idea to buy fountain pens because aside from using them yourself, you may give them as gifts for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and work promotions. Look for the best fountain pens in your area. If you’re giving it as a gift, you can have the receiver’s name engraved in the body. You may also give them away as corporate events souvenirs. For a list of fountain pen options in New York, visit Notedian, a company that sells writing instruments.


Business Name: Notedian
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Address: 52-01 Flushing Ave, Queens, NY 11378
Contact Name: Thomas
Phone: (718) 766-9272
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Tagline: Online retailer of luxury fountain pens, fountain pens, fountain pen ink and art supplies
Trading Hours: 9a to 7pm
Trading Days: Monday - Friday
Payment Types: Visa, MC, Amex, Paypal
Year Founded: 2016

A Complete Guide to New Online Casinos

The other name for online casinos is virtual casinos. Sometimes they are also referred to as internet casino. They are primarily the online versions of traditional brick and mortar casinos. These casinos are among the recent favorites of the gamblers and are being widely preferred by them. This is probably the main reason behind setting up of large-number of new online casinos all across the globe. (more…)

Are you looking for the best online casino gaming experience?

People find gambling to be fun and entertaining, whether it’s a game between friends or serious casino gambling. At times you may not have the time, option or desire to go to a casino building for their diversions and that’s where the world of online casino gaming comes in handy. According to the UK gambling commission figures, online gambling is now the largest sector of Britain’s gambling sector. As an online player or a beginner there are problems you will face when deciding on a particular online casino with regard to security and defrauding issues among others. New online casinos keep coming up as the business is booming and the down side is the consumer finds it difficult to separate a reliable and reputable online casino from a scam. (more…)

Why Look For New Casino Sites Online – To Maximize Chances

The moment you talk about casinos, the name which springs up in many people’s minds is the Kingdom of Casino – Las Vegas. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to end up in the casino paradise. But then again, actually, new casino sites are here! With over thousands of casino games available right on your personal computers or desktops, playing casino has never been so fun. In fact, with Christmas around, the latest game to have been launched is the Elf Slot. This game has already started winning the hearts of many people and filling the pockets of many others. (more…)