6 Qualities You Should Look for in a Destination Wedding Photographer

destination wedding photography

Gone are the days when engaged couples are stuck with hiring photographers available in their locality. Now, people from all over the world can also enjoy the services of a skilled photographer from afar. Destination wedding photography is practiced by traveling wedding photographers.

How do you know if a destination wedding photography you paid for is worth it? Here are some qualities you should look for in a destination wedding photographer:

A destination wedding photographer’s work ethics 

  • Punctuality

Destination wedding photography is not all fun and games, even though the profession looks and sounds like it. A destination wedding photographer should be able to commit to the schedule.

If the situation calls for it, they should schedule a flight to and from the event. They should travel a day or two before the wedding, even though they will only work on the wedding day. This is necessary for them and the couple to discuss the final instructions and recap the services they will get.

  • Organization

A destination photographer has to be a “plan person” because their job requires traveling overseas and mingling with people with varying culture.

They have to be organized about: who they are as a photographer, their packages, their limitation, and their necessary preparations for traveling.

They should also be honest and clear about their packages’ rate if you are discussing through Skype. They must be clear if they rate is hourly or if it includes their travel package. As the client, this will help you weigh your options. Affordable wedding photography shouldn’t also mean cheap quality.

Meanwhile, for a day’s work, a destination photographer should schedule their flight weeks or days before the wedding. They have a lot to prepare such as securing their equipment, getting permits, the possibility of getting a travel vaccine, and fixing their travel insurance. Preparing and organizing these arrangements early on will help them do their job smoothly without any hang-ups.

  • Flexibility

Whether the client is looking for a Byron Bay wedding photographer or a Bali wedding photographer, destination photographers should be intuitive enough to cater to the clients. They have to study the culture in the client’s location and adapt to possible limitations in the event.  Most importantly,  they have to be quick-thinkers and opportunists—seizing every opportunity to capture exceptional photos.

Skills: Film and Digital

Film and digital photography are often pitted against each other. Both have their highs and low’s, but both have their own charms.

  • Skilled in both ways

The traditional film is a beautiful format, but digital also has its charm. A destination wedding photographer should be skilled both ways, especially when situations and time schedules affect photo quality. For example, digital photography is obviously good for locations with off-camera lighting. Meanwhile, Film goes well with natural lighting, so it’s perfect for morning weddings and sunset-washed locations.

  • Ensured quality and quantity

A destination wedding photographer knows when and when not to use a film or digital camera.

For starters, Film can get high-quality shots but can also be expensive. Digital camera shots are practical, but they take time in photo-processing if you want to achieve that film look.

A smart destination wedding photographer who uses Film limits their shots based on the amount of film they have. For instance, they can use film to shoot the cake-cutting, the bride’s marching or any special moment that should be captured by high-quality film. But they will have to use a digital camera for the rest of the event to cut costs. After all, a memory card of a digital camera can store up to a thousand photos. However, they must also be creative and play around with the lighting and angles.

Giving it a shot

  • An eye for stories

Lastly, look for a destination photographer that has a photojournalistic eye. Often times, wedding shots are aimed at common moments that take place in every wedding. Wedding photography should also show what’s behind the scenes or the candid and “caught-off-guard” moments, not just the highlight reels. Check them out by visiting Jessie Dains.

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