Why the LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebooks are a Perfect Option for Bullet Journaling?

LEUCHTTURM1917 has been making great-quality notebooks for many years now, and people who have used them could not sing their praises enough. As you can see, these dot grid notebooks come with beautiful designs and precise attention to detail, making them a perfect choice for bullet journaling. With forward-looking features, they can make the task of organizing your daily life much easier. Here is what you can get from using these notebooks:

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  • Built-In Index

These dotted notebooks already come with three pages for the index, as well as columns for the topics and page numbers. This makes it easier for you to chronicle various events and dates that you might like to remember in the future.

  • Carefully Designed Pages

Unlike those of other notebook brands, LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks have off-white pages with a faint grey ruling that is not too dark to put you off. Typically, their grid is faint enough to blend into the background, yet dark enough to guide you. As for the number of pages, it is usually more than 200, with the last ones perforated in case you need to post a note. For the dots, they are small enough (5 millimeters in width) to avoid becoming an eyesore, yet seeable enough to be useful.

  • Heavy-Duty Ribbon Bookmarks

Most of these notebooks come with ribbon bookmarks that are made of strong material that does not unfurl or stretch. Depending on the type of notebook that you are buying, you will get one, two, or three bookmarks to come with it.

  • Flexibility

These dotted notebooks particularly offer you a similar level of flexibility that graph-grid notebooks haveā€”the only difference is that they are less busy. Basically, the tone of their dots is easy on the eyes and will not bother you when jotting down some things. In terms of color, they come in various shades, so you can always choose one that reflects your style.

  • Compatibility with Almost All Pens

In a nutshell, these notebooks work well with almost any pen or ink, such as the J.Herbin fountain pen ink. Their paper is of the right grams per square meter (gsm), which means that they can handle even fountain pens without bleed-through, except when you use the wettest of inks. That is why these notebooks are becoming popular as planners for fountain pens.

  • More Reinforced Spine

Thanks to a more durable spine, these notebooks have more resistance to folding, so they will not easily tear. In fact, this upgraded component makes LEUCHTTURM1917 among the sturdiest notebooks of today. You can assure yourself that they will always be intact no matter how and where you use them.

Without a doubt, LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks are a better choice compared to other notebooks that you will find on the market today when it comes to bullet journaling. Basically, they have all the features and the little extra details that make organizing your daily tasks easier and more enjoyable. For more information about these notebooks and related products, you can check out http://notedian.com/product-brands/leuchtturm1917/.

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