School Camps in Sydney – Expanding Children’s Vision

When summer arrives, all outdoor activities begin in right earnest. For the parents with young children, it’s time to plan to send their children to summer camps. The school camps Sydney wide provide a very good option and the parents start looking around for the best camps to send their kids to.

School Camps Sydney

School Camps Sydney

Objective of School Camps to Broaden the Vision

It is true that the school camps, especially in summer, are meant to give some relief to the children from the daily routine of the academic year just gone by and to have loads of fun. But a well structured camp can go beyond the fun element and provide some useful learning as well. There will be a lot of activities and fun nevertheless, and the children will enjoy all of them. And any teaching will not be of the classroom type or a text based lesson. One can find a lot of aspects being taught to the kids which they have to learn, but are not able to pick them in an academic environment at school. Team spirit, making adjustments with others and learning to think out of the box are all things one can learn from school camps in Sydney.

Locations and About the Camps

The locations for the school camps Sydney based are carefully selected to ensure that the children get to stay in tents and learn to live one with the nature. But at the same time, the organizers make sure the safety of the children is in no way compromised. The camps could be for a short duration, but there are plenty of activities packed within this short period so that the children have complete and thorough enjoyment. The activities are broadly categorized as high activities, initiative activities, water activities, excursions and other activities.

Each of these genres of activities has a whole list of them. For instance, in high activities, you will find abseiling, crate climbing, giant swing, high ropes and so on. Similarly, within the water activities, one can do canoeing, kayaking, swimming and so on. While these might sound very physical in nature, the initiative activities in the Sydney school camps are more about engaging the brain of the children attending the camp.

In the activities, they get to learn teamwork; orienteering, for example is one such activity. Here the children find their way from a spot in the interiors back to the camp by using compasses, maps and so on.

Age wise Camps Organized

The school camps Sydney wide generally group the school children into two broad age groups and they name them primary school and high school programmes. Along with the students the teachers also accompany the kids and it becomes an interesting outing for them as well. Parents and teachers study the details of the camps and send the children to the camps. They also check and ensure that the organizers have made the required arrangements in the camp site for the safety of the children. The camp organizers, who have been doing this for many years, bring in some new improvements each year to make things more interesting and also safe for the children and the teachers. Visit us at

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